Humphree in Sweden is Managing Differently

At Humphree, we keep on keeping on

We believe that common sense, and adhering to advice from our government and expert authorities, is the key to safety. We also trust our employees to take care of themselves, and their colleagues, by being equally careful when not at work; and therefore stay at home when sick, in order to eliminate the risk of contagion. Since we mainly operate in our own house, with our subcontractors and suppliers in close partnership, our production is still going strong. We now work much more digitally and meet our customers on social media platforms, on the phone or through digital conferencing tools. We’re keeping the physical distance, but socially we’re trying to be as close as ever. This means that we can continue to deliver innovative stabilization systems to customers near and far.


Say hi to, Emil Trollvik! He’s our Production Manager, who early on made the necessary arrangements and saw to it that our production staff were the only ones allowed to vacate our production areas. Also, our production staff now have their own rest rooms, ample access to hand sanitation, work stations with physical distancing as well as a new schedule that prevents any unnecessary interaction with our non-production personnel. “The team has taken the challenge in a good way; at times we’ve broken up the production in shifts in order to have redundancy – we’re doing everything we can to ensure that we’re solid in times when the industry has enough of difficulties to manage”

In short; our production is as stable as our products, and we see no reason to hit the brakes.

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