NG Shipyards appointed commercial dealer for Humphree

COS Master  – crew tender vessel of the NG Endurance type

NG Shipyards, located in Lauwersoog (Netherlands), has been appointed commercial dealer for Humphree in the Netherlands. The Swedish company Humphree specialises in development and sales of trim and stabilisation systems to commercial and leisure marine applications. These systems contribute to a more efficient ship with more comfortable sailing behaviour.

Humphree service
The NG Shipyards service department has extensive experience with Humphree products. Thanks to the dealership, Humphree parts are always available from stock and the customer can be helped quickly, anywhere in the world (since the service team operates worldwide). For service at its own yard in Lauwersoog, NG Shipyards has a modern boat lift with a capacity of 220 tons, which allows ships to be put ashore safely and efficiently for repairs and maintenance.

New built vessels
In addition, NG Shipyards is applying the Humphree products to new vessels such as the COS Master, which came into service at the end of last year. This crew tender vessel of the NG Endurance type transports engineers to wind farms on the high seas. Thanks in part to Humphree’s systems, the comfort on board is considerably higher than with comparable ships. Managing Director Albert Keizer: “We want to offer our customers the best that is available on the market. We look at the entire installation: what requirements must it meet and what is appropriate? We base our advice to the customer on that.




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