Humphree interceptors for Hawaiian catamaran research vessel

The University of Hawai’i at Manoa has taken delivery of a new multi-purpose catamaran research vessel. The vessel is named Imua after the translation of the phrase “to move forward” in the Hawaiian language. The 68.5- by 25-foot (20.8- by 7.62-metre) vessel utilises a semi-displacement aluminium catamaran hull that was developed by Nic de Waal of New Zealand-based naval architecture firm Teknicraft Design. The vessel was constructed to US Coast Guard standards and will operate as in Hawaiian waters from shallow coastal areas out to 150 nautical miles offshore.

Teknicraft’s unique hydrofoil system consists of the main foil spanning the tunnel at the keel. This vessel also included transom-mounted Humphree interceptors. The lift produced by the hydrofoil reduces the hull resistance while increasing speed and load-bearing capability, while the interceptors offer additional trim control.

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