FOB Swath 10 Crew Transfer Vessel equipped with Humphree Stabilization systems

Oma Baatbyggeri initially handed over its third vessel to the Danish shipping company Offshore Windservice AS at the beginning of November. “FOB Swath 10” is a 32-metre long and 11.5 metre wide “Crew Transfer Vessel” which is a special vessel for transporting service personnel for offshore wind turbines.

The vessel has been designed and developed in collaboration with Odfjell Wind AS in Bergen. “FOB Swath 10” can operate both in catamaran mode or in Small Waterline Area Twin (SWATH) mode.

In SWATH mode, the vessel is lowered down about 1.5 meters into the sea to achieve reduced movements at sea. This provides a safe transfer of personnel from vessels to wind turbines. The vessel has a service speed of up to 35 knots and a passenger certificate for up to 55 people and will operate at offshore wind farms throughout the North Sea basin.

Interceptors and fin stabilizers are supplied by Humphree AB.


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