Humphree equipped HMS Cutlass built for the Royal Navy Gibraltar Squadron

New Gladding Hearn all aluminium Pilot for Maryland Pilot association

Catamaran newbuilds for Torghatten’s Nordland Commuter Service

CB90 NG – marinens nya stridsbåt: ”Snabbare och tystare”

Humphree equipped Self-righting Patrol and SAR craft for Future Defense USA

Gladding-Hearn Delivers Humphree equipped Pilot Boat to Associated Federal Pilots

Watch Humphree equipped Thunder Child II’s recent voyage to Greenland.

Italian Coast Guard CP800 fleet chooses Humphree dynamic stabilization

Gladding-Hearn Building New Launch for Galtex Pilots

Humphree Active interceptors for New Incat Crowther 24 Motor Yacht Design Project

Reef Resilience, an Incat Crowther 24 patrol boat protecting the Great Barrier Reef

Safehaven Marine launched a new Barracuda SV125 for Future Defence in the USA

Gladding-Hearn Delivers New Launch to Maryland Pilots with Humphree Interceptors

ACTIVE sea trial for Norwegian Search and Rescue team

Humphree Interceptors for Metal Shark 40 Defiant patrol boat

U.S. largest pilot boat delivered to Texas. Stabilized by Humphree.

Humphree equipped large Pilot Boat Mira. Awarded by Work Boat World.

Wind farm support vessel – stabilized by Humphree

Built to work in the harshest conditions

Italian patrol vessel “Tenente Petrucci”. Equipped with Humphree Interceptors

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